2019 LMC Board Survey:
Executive Director Performance Evaluation


LMC Executive Director Essential Functions

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Primary Objective of the Position

To work in conjunction with the Board to provide direction and leadership to the League of Minnesota Cities’ philosophy, mission and strategy and to its goals, programs, projects and financial objectives. 

Operates as the Chief Executive Officer for the League, directing all League activities and programs through supervision of its management team and subject to the general direction of the Board of Directors.

Essential Functions of the Position

Provides leadership to position the organization as a well-known and well-respected advocate for promoting excellence in local government. Develops an organizational culture that supports the mission, serves its members and partners, and encourages cooperation and effectiveness.

  • Builds the League by communicating a vision that is understood, widely supported, and effectively implemented.

  • Assists in developing strategic and operational plans to advance the mission and implements said plans.

  • Leads the League in ways that model its core values and the highest possible ethical and professional standards. Promotes organizational transparency and integrity.

  • Inspires confidence in the League among internal and external stakeholders, and inspires high quality performance by League staff and volunteers.

  • Builds a positive, inclusive, highly communicative and collaborative organizational culture. Fosters a culture of continuous learning, improvement and innovation. Promotes staff safety and well-being.

  • Motivates and encourages collaborative team-building and decision making among the leadership of member organizations.

Recommends strategic initiatives that are congruent with organizational mission.

  • In concert with the Board, continually evaluates the current strategy for appropriateness. Assesses new opportunities in program operations, marketing venues, and other key initiatives.

  • Creates and implements effective processes for short and long-range strategic planning.

Along with the Board President, serves as the official spokesperson for the League of Minnesota Cities. Promotes its mission and services to all members, the general public and the media. Represents the interests of the League members to national and local government entities and officials in a way that reinforces credibility of the League as a trusted resource.

  • Directs the development of legislative policies and proposals establishing guidelines and ensuring membership participation, directing and coordinating the League’s representation strategy, serving as a liaison with other organizations.

  • Performs various public relations activities, establishing goals and objectives for activities, giving speeches, responding to media requests, authorizing and directing the release of information, evaluating effectiveness of public relations activities.

  • Provides legislative representation, negotiating and testifying before the legislature, state agencies, and administration, analyzing legislative bills; monitors and tracks legislation and rules through legislature or agency process.

Works in partnership with the Board of Directors and the Board President to support and guide the Board’s governance, composition and committee structure:

  • Working with the President, develops agendas for Board meetings and retreats so that the Board can fulfill its responsibilities effectively.

  • Keeps the Board informed of the organization’s progress, activities, and challenges.

  • Works with the Board President, Executive Committee and other officers to continue improving Board functioning and to assure effective operations support.

  • Encourages involvement and participation of all Board members.

  • In partnership with the Board, assists in the identification and recruitment of new Board candidates.

  • Ensures that Board directives are implemented.

Ensures that the League maintains sound financial practices and that adequate funds are generated and available to carry out work and achieve the mission.

  • Maintains overall responsibility for the management of League funds and for development of comprehensive capital and operational budgets that align with organizational strategy and maintain financial stability.

  • Anticipates future trends that will impact the League’s financial sustainability and develops and leads entrepreneurial activities that will result in revenue generation, where appropriate.

Responsible and accountable for League operations, personnel management and organizational/program evaluation, in compliance with board policy.

  • Directs League of Minnesota Cities operations by supervising all administrative functions, including the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT). Includes overall responsibility for administrative policies and procedures, human resources functions and League publications, conferences and training. Monitors and reviews all departments for compliance with policy, goals, and objectives.

  • Directs, supervises, and advises department directors and professional staff; assigns staff to represent the League on commissions, boards, and committees.

  • Directs the coordination of activities, programs, and services across League departments and evaluates effectiveness of services and programs.