Re-imagining leadership for a flat world




Organizational culture is about HOW we do our work together. Organizational culture is a collective story woven together by the people belonging to an organization. Shared patterns of behavior, rituals, sense-making and values create the culture.

Negstad Consulting helps organizations get clear on their desired organizational culture and co-creates pathways for making cultural change.


Negstad Consulting believes that anyone can choose to be a leader. Leadership is a choice someone makes to take a stand, follow a conviction, or take initiative whether or not they have formal power.

We love working with leaders of all types to increase self-awareness, deepen reflection and embolden action.


Continual learning is at the heart of organizational and employee effectiveness.

Negstad Consulting designs creative and engaging trainings and meetings that produce sustainable learning and results.



Negstad Consulting is an organizational culture strategy firm for nonprofits and foundations. We bring an unconventional, creative and thought-provoking approach to our work with clients.