Bridging cultures to empower others

Lisa Negstad is a nonprofit futurist, leadership coach, and organizational-development advisor, with diverse clientele in the nonprofit and public sectors. Believing anyone can be a leader, Lisa lives in two worlds: traditional hierarchies, where she helps managers excel in their role, and collective teams, where she helps groups improve their shared leadership skills.  

Bridging cultures to empower others has been at the heart of Lisa’s career – both through her international NGO work and now with Negstad Consulting. From clearing landmines in Cambodia to strengthening community resilience in projects across fifteen countries, Lisa’s experiences help her find the humanity and the heart in complex problems. She’s passionate about using these experiences to help tomorrow’s nonprofit and consulting community thrive in an uncharted future.

Lisa has an MBA from Yale and a BA in psychology from Luther College. She is chair of the board of directors for Mosaic, an agency serving people with intellectual disabilities.