About Lisa and Negstad Consulting

As a strategist for nonprofit organizations, Lisa inspires nonprofit leaders to re-energize their mission through dynamic strategy and engaged employees.

"We adore working with Lisa! She brings sophistication and practicality to the field of strengths-based leadership and she is an exemplary facilitator. From detailed preparation to creative design, Lisa creates holistic experiences for groups to wrestle with tough issues and grow. But, above all, her care, kindness, and professionalism make her an outstanding partner."

                    — Mandy Ellerton and Molly Matheson Gruen, Community Innovation Directors, Bush Foundation

Experience in the field

At the age of 34, I became the Chief Financial Officer of a large national refugee and immigration nonprofit a few months post 9-11. Because the entire process for bringing refugees into the U.S. came to a grinding halt, the agency endured a fiscal crisis. During that year I realized that for nonprofit organizations to be strong and vibrant, all members of the staff must take leadership roles. To weather dramatic downturns and daily struggles, organizations need to tap into the passions of each staff member. It was that year that I also realized my passion to help organizations (especially mission-based organizations) develop and plan with staff in a way that nurtures their individual development and fosters organizational vibrancy.

Competent and creative, my style can be described as:

  • big picture meets toolkit
  • experience meets research
  • best practices meets innovation
  • business meets soul

"Lisa's strategic planning session with our board was the most productive session I've ever participated in. She took time to understand our organizational culture and helped us articulate a vision that set our course on just the right path."

                                                                — Amalia Vagts, Executive Director – Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries

Creative vision meets research

As an intensely curious person and life-long learner, I do not settle for cookie-cutter approaches. Therefore I have developed Negstad consulting into a firm that blends creativity and thorough research to develop customized solutions for nonprofits. How do we incorporate the best of both worlds? First, by intently listening, we study your organization's unique context, culture and desired results. Second, we keep current on the latest trends that are working right now to help nonprofits succeed. We take those trends-and our toolkit of resources-and apply them to your context. Negstad Consulting has also developed strategic partnerships with outside experts and firms, giving us the ability to provide comprehensive services to nonprofits.

Learn more about Lisa Negstad's specific nonprofit experience — click this link to download a PDF file.

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